About Us

Be founded in 2001, Lemdor Control Arm Co., Ltd is a large-scale professional manufacturer with various types of control arms for different car makes and models. It has more than 1,500 different types of control arms for the cars include AUDI, BMW, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, GM, FORD, VW, RENAULT, etc. Till now, its products are sold all over the world, e.g. Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Middle East, etc. 

Lemdor Control Arm Co., Ltd focused on the pursuit excellence in control arm production for auto industry. We utilize the best production technologies, inspection equipment and manufacturing processes to ensure that every single parts we deliver to our global customer with good quality. 

Now Lemdor stands as leader in control arm production. Our control arm products are the first choice. For the global distributor as they know they can rely not only on our quality but also our rapid time for new products. This allows our customer to be ahead of the field in selling the very latest models of control arms into the market increase productivity and market position.